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There is a lot of Sadness in the World!!

Right now,
As you read this,
17 million Americans are having
And your on the computer!


Hi there! I am Sabrina and this is my small space of existence.  I am 20 something years old, from Kentucky. I love everything about life, even if it isn't my day, which is often.  I am a Gemini and it shows.  I never know what I am doing, until the very last second. I am always changing my mind. I have the worst memory, of any person that you will come across.  I will and do laugh at anything, sometimes I'm the only one laughing. I'm the only person I know (personally) that wants to go out in Outer Space.  I have thought about it for years. I came to the conclusion that I would give up almost anything, to experience it.  Some of the funniest things seem happen to me, I have terriable luck to say the least.   

"It's all about Rock'N'Roll"
~ Angus Young ~

I love traveling, it's what keeps me interested in life.  Someday, I plan on traveling to Great Britain and the surrounding areas of the United Kingdom.  Not sure when that will happen, but it will.  Other than that,  I am dying to go to Disney World...what can I say, I'm a kid at heart.  I am always up for a good roadtrip. 

I have many different interests.  But the one thing I absolutely could not live without, is music. I may not play it, or sing it, but it is the one thing I love most out of life.  I believe that music is the only "real" thing that we have.  You know it's good, when it hits get lost in it and feel no pain.  For me, that is the single most greatest feeling...your alive.

"Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free."
~ Jim Morrison of The Doors, In Beauty ~